Desirable Workflow Properties

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An investigation into desirable properties of workflows that must be incorporated in good workflow design resulted in a compilation of principles and approaches to validate workflows. In particular, we analyzed the general applicability and utility of two techniques:

  1. knowledge-rich descriptions of individual process model components and their constraints
  2. verification of partial (user authored) process models based on artificial intelligence planning techniques

These techniques have been used in determining whether partial process models make sense within the background knowledge that the systems have, notifying the user of issues to be resolved in the current model, and suggesting to the user what actions could be taken next. We developed a compilation of validation checks that systems can make to assist users, showing desirable properties that are independent of the workflow representation and of the kind of user activity during workflow design supported by the system.

This work is reported in the following journal article:

* "Principles for Interactive Acquisition and Validation of Workflows." 
Yolanda Gil, Jihie Kim, and Marc Spraragen. To appear in the Journal of Experimental 
and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 2009. Available as a preprint.
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